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About us

Media Communication Ltd. is Prague agency which provides services in area of relations with medias, marketing communications and media monitoring in Czech Republic and Slovakia Republic.

We offer communications services in the long term for small as well as for huge companies. Thanks to application of our effective marketing steps we are able to increase awareness of advertised subject for general public.

At your request we create audio and video recordings and other advertising products. We provide you complete service from the first concept to final realization.

Our services

Public Relations

For a long time we're building relations between advertised subject and public. We extend our scope based on backwards analysis.

Media Monitoring

Supplying lucid reports in certain time intervals about monitored subject.

Online Marketing

Applications and using of wide scope of technologies in the area of the internet on purpose to reaching predetermined goal.


Provision of complete communication between the involved entities and potential clients in the desired range.

Our team

Mirek Cipra
Mirek Cipra general manager
  • longtime cooperation with TV NOVA
  • cooperation on new BMW a Ferrari cars business
  • consultant services on Česká Miss
  • making films for Hollywood’s productions HOSTEL 2 or James Bond – Casino Royal
Petra Illichmannová
Petra Illichmannová marketing manager

Implementation and evaluation of marketing activities in order to increase their efficiency. Tips for improving ongoing promotions based on feedback analysis.

email: info@mediacommunication.cz
phone.: +420 608 206 566

U studánky 139/22, Bubeneč
170 00 Praha 7